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Your Name/Alias: Michi
Age: 21
Character: Kagura
Series: Gintama
Character Age: 13-14
Canon: The premise behind Gintama is simple. Aliens invade Edo Japan, swords become banned and samurai are left jobless. Former 'White Demon' samurai Sakata Gintoki is left running Odd Jobs Gin, as a freelancer with super strength alien 'China' girl, Kagura and glasses wearing straight man, Shinpachi. But really Odd Jobs Gin barely makes enough money to fund Gintoki's Weekly Jump and sugar addiction and they're constantly behind on the rent. The series itself is a giant anachronism stew that punches the fourth wall on a regular basis and is constantly toeing the line when it comes to copyright laws (they avoid this by bleeping out sensitive words) and class. Oh, and sometimes there's a plot.

The core of Kagura's character is the innocent little girl type, but this canon is determined to break every single 'moe' trope it can. For example, she holds the very special honor of being the first Weekly Jump heroine to throw up. While she can be naive and, dare I say, cute, she's a complete brat. She likes to act like the jaded smart-ass adult figure despite not knowing much at all. She's immature, smug, pushy and a poor loser who will resort to incredibly cheap tactics in order to win. She also has an never ending appetite with an equally greedy personality to match. But she's a good girl, honestly! Unlike the rest of her Yato race, she suppresses her instincts to kill, she just has no qualms about beating the crap out of people, stepping on people's self esteem or... well, you get the idea.

Note: There's really no difference, but the app is written using the anime canon produced by Sunrise. Fujita is the previous director.

Sample Post:

Hi, this is Kagura from Odd Jobs Gin here to catch your running fridge! Come on, I need to eat enough on this job to last me two days, so where's that fridge? Of course, I'm going to wipe the contents that fridge clean. What, are you stupid? You're stupid, aren't you! Well you should've thought ahead before you agreed to this. Caveat emptor and all, or was it empty cavity? Either way, your loss. Hah!

What's the big idea! Where's the fridge already. You've got three seconds before I beat the truth out of ya. What about my reward? So this was all a trick to get me to bust you guys out of prison, huh. Forget it! You don't even have food, you definitely don't got any money. You guys can't even afford to keep your limbs attached. You don't even got any balls! I'll never trust another rotting zombie corpse again! Odd Jobs Gin doesn't do pro-bono and don't try to swindle me with this "for the greater good" stuff! The greater good doesn't fill my stomach at all. I'm a growing girl, you know. Solve your own problems, I'm going home.

The Director won't let me out? You know, this is why I don't trust newbies. He's only done 19 episodes so far and he's already this cocky! I'm issuing a complaint. You hear me, Sunrise?! I'm demanding Fujita-san back. We've been through thick and thin together. Low ratings, time slots changes and complaints from the PTA. He'd know better than to throw the show into a never ending filler arc like *BEEP* and *BEEP*. Look how badly Infinity Eight is working for H*r*hi. I knew we were running out of source material to adapt, but we worked really hard to fool the audience and buy time for the manga to pull ahead, uh huh!

Hey, bird brains, what are you doing in my inner monolgue! And you should've said so earlier! That director, she's ten years too early to think she can trap me in some b-grade horror movie plot. Cute, innocent girls like me are always the first to go! Women should get over their loser exes and find someone better. Director Shmector! This pisses me off. I'm going to beat the crap out of her. Alright, you brainless buffoons, I'm busting out of here. You can follow if you can keep up, but I'm not doing it for you. And I expect 10 years worth of pickled seaweed in compensation, damn it!

So stay tuned next week for GuraTama. I, your new main character Gura-san, will make the director kneel and call me Madame Foreman! Later on, I'll show you how prepare Pedoro Bear with rice. Look forward to it!

... that it? Is this long enough yet? Apping sure is tough. Ah, who cares. I'll just add a bunch of line



no one






53 in, 3 out. 94.6% lol what.
Tags: !campfuckudie, *app
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