Kagura (神楽) (marypoopins) wrote,
Kagura (神楽)


This is an addendum from my crit post, which you can find here.

The nature of this canon is very DO WHATEVER THE FUCK IT WANTS FOR THE LULZ, but I do want to make sure people are comfortable. Normally I'm pretty good about asking beforehand if I can break the fourth wall in threads, but in cases of me running a fast paced post, I might make the decision to just go ahead and do it (since chances I'll be vague/just mentioning my own canon, not yours) with the assumption that it'll just go over the other character's head. BUT IF I AM CROSSING A LINE for you by doing this, I really really would like to know about it.

Screened because I assume people would comment here logged in. You can also comment here if you want a complete OPT OUT of fourth walling. It's cool, dudes. o7

02/25 edit: you can also tell me if there's any kind of toilet/gross humour you'd like to avoid. I'll give the heads up to the rest of my cast.
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