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Hey campfuckudie, just a head's up this account is now also going to be used at gargleblasted. Threading is in the community, so you mostly likely won't have to put up with more Network spam (I spam this journal enough on my own already), but I'll label things just in case. ...the spam will just be my regular spam. /)_(\

Sob, now I can no longer use Kyou's shiny comment counter :'( note to self: 3,206 comments before joining minus about 300~ from non-camp hookery. SOB.

Name: Michi
Are you over 16?: Y
Personal LJ: frogdance
Email: frogdance(@)gmail.com
Timezone: PST/GMT-8
Other contact: hi im frogdance (AIM), frogdance (gchat)
Characters already in the game: NONE
How did you find us?: ...the Gintama cast topped me. :| [ETA] scientific is a whore.

Character name: Kagura
Fandom: Gintama
Timeline: Post-Yoshiwara Arc
Age: 13-14 (Gintama ages are completely half assed)

~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Kagura has been trained to fight since birth. Combined with her inherited super strength, agility and accelerated healing, she's a tough cookie. Aside from hand to hand combat, her weapon of choice is her umbrella that doubles as a machine gun. She can eat three times her body mass. Is the ability to verbally abuse grown men to tears a talent as well?

[Edited Oct 2010]
How would they use their abilities?: Kagura is a brat so she does throw tantrums and resort to comedic physical violence (that's punching, kicking, not shooting at people) in order to get her way. However, she does not actually want to hurt people (unless they're dicks) and uses his strength to protect. Very few are except from her sharp tongue though. That's normally exclusive to males though. Kagura's nicer to girls.

Appearance: Kagura is petite, measuring at 155 cm (5'1") and 40 kg (88 lbs). She has very fair skin, blue eyes and firey red hair which she usually styles as buns. She dresses in Chinese style clothing in a red colour scheme. She has a very childlike appearance and is completely flat chested (possibly in the early stages of puberty). She always carries an umbrella with her to protect her sensitive skin from the sun. She does not sparkle in the sunlight.

Background/Personality: Kagura is a Yato, a member of an endangered fighting alien (Amanto) race that nearly wiped themselves out because of their innate thirst for battle. Their species are especially vulnerable to sunlight, so she grew up in the slums of a planet with perpetual rain. Kagura's family composed of her father - legendary alien sweeper, Umibouzu, one of the strongest fighters even among the Yato, her brother Kamui and her ailing mother. When Kagura was about 6 or so, her brother decided he would revive an old Yato tradition of patricide as method of testing one's strength. Kamui manages to take off their dad's arm, and Kagura had to hold her dad back from going nuts and killing Kamui in retaliation.

After that incident, her brother left for good, and Kagura's dad used work as an excuse to avoid being at home. He was afraid that one day if Kagura turned on him, he might not be able to stop himself from killing his own daughter. Thus Kagura was left alone with her dying mother while her father was halfway across the universe fighting aliens.

After her mother's death, Kagura ran away to Earth. Alone on an unfamiliar planet, she was tricked into helping out the yakuza. When they wanted her to kill, she escaped and she met freelancers Sakata Gintoki and Shimura Shinpachi, or rather she became very closely acquainted with Gintoki's scooter which RAN HER OVER. LUCKILY SHE WAS OKAY and Gin avoided a manslaughter charge. With their help, Kagura kicked the Yakuza's asses so they'll never bother her again. Instead of returning to her home planet, Kagura gave Gin the choice between her cracking his head open, or letting her live with him and work under his freelancing business. Guess which one he took.

As a part of the Yorozuya Gin-chan (Odd Jobs Gin) trio, Kagura helps along with jobs that range from finding lost cats to helping take down a military coup. Due to the nature of the canon, most of the time the trio just do dumb shit and break the fourth wall. You see, Gin's not much of a business man when he's not being motivated by possible eviction. And Kagura isn't much better. The burden of being the responsible one of the group usually falls on Shinpachi, the 'obligatory straight man character', and the two verbally abuse him in return. (it's Shinpachi's job to be the butt of their jokes)

Make no mistake though, Kagura does truly cares about Shinpachi. During a fight with one of her kin, Kagura thought Shinpachi was going to die and she flew into such a rage that her bloodthirsty Yato instincts won over. Luckily Shinpachi managed to bring her back to her senses before she killed someone, something Kagura swore she would never do.

To describe Kagura in one word? She's a brat. She's blunt, cheeky and picks her nose. She acts self important, sometimes preferring to use titles she gives herself like Madame Foreman or the Queen of Kabukicho instead of her own name. Although she's fairly naive and gullible, she spouts out 'old man advice' that she picks up from Gin, whom she is incredibly fond of (but not enough that she won't badmouth him). Kagura is immature and quick to anger, and no one else is better at pissing her off than Okita Sougo of the Shinsengumi. The two have a stupid heated rivalry that started from a rock-paper-scissors match that continues to this day.

Kagura does have a sweet cute side. She loves animals and dotes on them. Like she says, "girls love cute things." Unfortunately because of her monstrous strength, she accidentally killed off all her pets except for one, Sadaharu, a six feet tall puppy. The two are inseparable. Although much of the series is devoted to the characters being TERRIBLE PEOPLE, Kagura can be genuinely sympathetic to other people's problems and will make it her duty to help other people in need. That's why she's a protagonist, duh.

[Edited Oct 2010]
Have you read up on how the game works?: I TOOK THE BOOK OUT FROM THE LIBRARY 8D

Okay seriously

What is the name of the Guide plug-in that allows characters to communicate with each other Flaming Ferret
Also, name three ways your character can earn money on the ship. Taking on missions, stealing kid's lunch money, and I believe her canonmate Gin actually established his freelancing business on the SS Thor, so she'll likely just stick to him like glue and work with him.

For non face to face communication, people use guides which can either be voice only, or voice and video. People earn their keep on SS Thor by taking jobs and earning 'points'

1st person sample:

EXCUSE ME, EVERYONE. Stop whatever it is you're doing. Paying attention to a scared, cute little girl is much more important right now.

I got separated from my good for nothing natural permed mophead and useless four eyes. They never turned up on the conveyor belts over at baggage claim. Where do I file a report?

We were supposed to leave the planet together before it went kaput, but I hightailed it out of there first by cutting in line and hopping on one of the first ships out. ...Oi, oi. What's with that look? I didn't do anything wrong. It's women and children first. I'll have you know I'm a woman, a child and an endangered species, so my life was worth ten of those schmucks in the back. They're just a bunch of NPCs. I'm the heroine.

3rd person sample:

Things were going pretty well, thought a random security guard. I mean, for an emergency evacuation of an entire planet. It's a wonder what a huge intimidating Amanto standing 10 feet away can do. Follow the rules, and everyone all get off this planet, promise.

Too bad an alien China girl and her giant pet dog didn't seem to get the memo.

"Out of my way! Your lives have been painted black ever since you've reached your thirtieth birthday." She yelled out as they made a beeline to the front. What started out as an orderly line soon turned into complete chaos as people shoved others aside to get out of her way or risked being trampled. "You're past your prime. I'M STILL IN MY FORMATIVE YEARS!"

Leaving a path of total destruction in her wake, Kagura found another obstacle once she got to the counter. "...what do you mean ID and an entry fee? Don't you know who I am?! I'm the Queen of Kabukicho!"

"Oh yeah? Once I was the King of Spain. Now I eat humble pie and have to deal with brats like you at Edo Customs."

That crack earned the customs officer a broken nose, and Kagura found herself kicking and screaming while ushered to the back. Brushing herself off, she stuck her tongue out and decided, "Well, time to mug someone. No one will miss their red headed stepchild.1"

1. Red headed stepchild. ...tasteless joke
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